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2008 Global R&D Funding Forecast

Analysis conducted by Battelle researchers and the editors of R&D Magazine on the conduct of research and development in the U.S. reveals that the federal government, along with academia, industry, and non-profit oganizations, will invest about $367 billion dollars in U.S. R&D in 2008, an increase of about 3.7% over that spent in 2007.

2009 Global R&D Funding Forecast

In discussing the R&D activity of almost any country, it has been common practice to speak in terms of the total effort that is supported over a particular year. In addition, it’s not unusual for this number to be used in expressions of ‘research intensity’ where the most frequent ratio quoted is R&D/GDP. While such figures can provide a broad overview of the commitment by the various components of a national R&D system, it omits consideration of the manner in which different types of institutions have different roles and responsibilities when it comes to the support of research.

2011 Global R&D Funding Forecast

The global R&D outlook for 2011 is increasingly stable and positive. Having endured one of the worst recessionary periods in recent memory, R&D managers are adapting to expectations of moderate sustainable growth while competing on a global scale for market share and resources. Reflecting recent trends, prospects for R&D funding vary by region, with the United States (U.S.) expecting R&D growth to track GDP growth, Europe contemplating fiscal austerity that may restrict investment for several years, and most Asian countries maintaining strong financial commitments to R&D.

2012 Global R&D Funding Forecast

This advance is slightly less than the 6.5% growth seen in 2011 following the end of the global recession and accompanying R&D stimulus incentives. Most of the global funding growth is being driven by Asian economies, which are expected to increase nearly 9% in 2012, while European R&D will grow by about 3.5% and North American R&D by 2.8%.

2013 Global R&D Funding Forecast

Global R&D spending is forecast to grow by 3.7%, or $53.7 billion in 2013 to $1.496 trillion, according to research by analysts at Battelle, Columbus, Ohio, and R&D Magazine. The largest share of this increase, $22.9 billion, is expected to come from China, which continues its decade-long annual double digit increases in R&D investments.

2014 Global R&D Funding Forecast

In 2014, China will continue its two-decade trajectory in R&D investment, consistent with the current Five-Year Plan (FYP 2011 to 2015). According to our Forecast, China’s research intensity will increase to 1.95% of GDP in 2014. China’s FYP is aimed at achieving 2.2% of GDP by 2015. This rate of growth is expected to continue through the end of the decade as China strives to transition from a manufacturing economy to being “innovation-driven” by 2020. At current rates of R&D investment and economic growth, China could surpass the U.S. in total R&D spending by about 2022.

2016 Global R&D Funding Forecast

As in previous years, the growth in global R&D investments is being driven by spending in Asian countries, and in particular, China. As noted in the attached table, Asian countries (including China, Japan, India and South Korea) now account for more than 40% of all global R&D investments, with North American investments now less than 30% and European R&D only slightly more than 20%.

2017 Global R&D Funding Forecast

36 Pages: R&D Magazine’s 58th annual Global R&D Funding Forecast estimates that global R&D investments will increase by 3.4% in 2017 to $2.066 trillion in purchasing power parity (PPP) values for the more than 115 countries having significant R&D investments (more than $100 million). The growth rate on R&D investments has slowed in 2017 as the overall slowing global economy is being reflected in the amount of monies that are now available for R&D endeavors.

2018 Global R&D Funding Forecast

Our 2018 forecast is a combination of the industrial, government and academic investments by the R&D spending countries of the world. The investments made by these countries are largely influenced by value and growth of their gross domestic product (GDP). We base our R&D forecasts for each country on economic forecasts and science and technology (S&T) survey data by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency, along with multiple reader surveys performed by the editors of R&D Magazine. Economic data are combined with published relationships of each country’s science and technology efforts to create the R&D forecasts.

2019 Global R&D Funding Forecast

The U.S. is expected to invest $581.0 billion in R&D in 2019, an increase of 2.7 % over the $565.8 billion invested in 2018. A big part of the 2019 increase comes from a large increase in federal research funding for the FY2019 budget, which was the highest funding increase since 2009.

2020 Global R&D Funding Forecast

Expanded format for 2020 + special mid-year update on how COVID-19 was disrupting 2020.