2022 Global R&D Funding Forecast


For 2022 and the 63rd consecutive year, the editors of R&D World are focusing on the annual global variants of R&D investments for the upcoming calendar year. In this annual report, we document the changing R&D investments in academia, government and industrial organizations for the top 116 R&D investing countries in the world. We look at the reasons for these changes, their effects on current and future spending, and the net technological results.

For 2022, R&D World’s editors forecast that $2.476 trillion will be invested globally in R&D efforts, an increase of 5.43% over the $2.348 trillion that was spent in calendar 2021. More than 80% (81.6% or $104 billion) of that 2022 R&D spending increase can be accounted for by the annual increases in the Top Ten R&D spending countries (U. S. to Brazil).

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